Retreatleaders at Beingsattvaa – BeingSattvaa, Ubud

Conduct Your Retreat at BeingSattvaa

If you are Retreat Leader looking to create a program, BeingSattvaa is the ideal venue for you.

BeingSattvaa has the facilities and infrastructure to host retreats of various kinds. Each year, we host about 20 retreats and in the past have accommodated yoga retreats, meditation get-aways, leadership offsites, raw food programs, music, art & dance retreats and much more!

We work with our clients to create an integrated experience, both within BeingSattvaa and in the surrounding outdoors. Whether it be customizing the cuisine, sourcing special ingredients, creating unique program folders, organizing entertainment, preparing going away gifts or even arranging hikes and picnics in the lush Ubud rainforest, we are here for you.

Our butlers, kitchen and support staff are very familiar with the requirements of hosting retreats and will work with you to create the perfect experience for you and your participants.

For group size of 15 or more, we will make the facility private so that your participants’ experience is truly memorable.

Almost every retreat leader who has hosted a retreat at BeingSattvaa, comes back within a year to do it again.

Create a retreat with us today!

Our Past Retreat Leaders

We are nothing without our dedicated, beautiful trip leaders and we use this page to share with you who they are and what joy they bring to the world.

Govind Das

Nithya Shanthi

Nithya Shanti is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, seminar leader and educator, committed to sharing practical wisdom teachings for happiness and enlightenment with people in a joyful and transformational way.

Govind Das

Govind Das

Govind Das’s classes are an innovative approach weaving fresh and fluid Vinyasa yoga sequences & Yin and Restorative Lunar styles of yoga, all with the teachings of Bhakti and dharma… The emphasis is on yoga as spiritual ritual of devotion. And always a mixed with a deep dose of mantra, dharmic quotes, affirmation, sweat, dance, joy and laughter.

Govind Das

Ira Trivedi

Ira Trivedi is an Indian author, columnist and yoga acharya. Ira has lived all over the world: in four countries, nine cities and three continents. She graduated from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, USA with a BA in Economics and completed her MBA from Columbia Business School. She has written eight books including fiction, non fiction and children’s books. In 2017, she was honoured as one of BBC’s 100 most influential women in the world.

Govind Das

Jade Wood

Jade Wood is a globally renowned yoga teacher and craniosacral therapist who offers classes, private sessions, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings worldwide. She delights in sharing her gathered knowledge and experience of bodywork and mindful touch, traditional Chinese medicine, elemental yin yoga, embodied anatomy and somatic movement and would love to connect with you

Govind Das

Vera Tinkova

Vera Tinkova, creator Heal my Heart in Bali, an exclusive retreat for Women. Vera Tinkova, believes, from her experience, that pure heart is the one we can trust. The heart purity is the wisdom that leads us to our own truth and path. Living in our truth and purity we teach ourselves to accept all as is, experiencing life in flow with the signs and signals of the universe.

Govind Das

Pat Sperry

Chicago native Pat Sperry moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to follow his dream as a singer/songwriter and quickly become fascinated with Hatha Yoga. He received his teacher certification through Liberation in 2010 and believes that the practice of Hatha Yoga leads to supreme health and self-illumination that can be achieved through steady practice, patience, and a good sense of humor!

Govind Das

Arezu Kaywanfar

Arezu Kaywanfar has been a lifelong Yogini, fuelled by her own spiritual experiences, she holds a deep yearning to help and inspire others as well to connect within themselves. Arezu has been able to combine her varied skills, a wealth of knowledge, love for teaching, global thirst for traveling, and the sentiment to “give back” to live a truly well-rounded, full-bodied life; all of which is incorporated into her lifestyle brand, InspireZu

Govind Das

Ronak Gajjar

Ronak Gajjar, though young, has over seven years’ experience in teaching yoga, after taking his teacher’s training course at Yoga Alliance in New Delhi. He has also completed certifications in Hypnotherapy and Muscle Activation. He holds classes at various locations in Dubai, including Dhyana Yoga Studio at The Oberoi Dubai.

Govind Das

Padma Sugavanam

Dr. Padma Sugavanam is an A-graded (PrasarBharati) Carnatic vocalist, and an academician with a PhD in Sanskrit and Music from Madras University. She was a Lecturer of Music for 10 years at Sri Venkateswara College of Music and Dance, Tirupati. With an active performance schedule, Padma has given 60 performances in 2016.

Govind Das

Sunita Vira

Sunita Vira is a certified Raw Food Chef & Nutrition Coach and a published author of RAW for LIFE! She founded the Raw Food Centre, Singapore in 2010 and expanded to Chicago in 2014, with the mission to spread awareness on raw living foods and working with individuals and families to integrate healthy eating into their lifestyle.

Over the past few years, she has pioneered a new cuisine that is appealing, delicious and nutritious. Her mission is to demystify, simplify and translate raw living foods into everyday life.

Govind Das

Kavita Issar Batra

Kavita Issar Batra, is a British artist of Indian origin based in Singapore. She studied mixed media painting with Ruth Perez, pottery, water colours and stain glass window at the Hampstead Garden Surburb Insititute in the UK. Her artworks are in private collections in the UK, USA, Dubai, India, Australia, Philippines and Singapore.

Govind Das

Laura Farrier

Laura began her journey with Yoga in 2002. She completely her teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala in 2008, where she also studied scriptures, Kiran and Karma Yoga in addition to her Asana practice. In addition, she has training in Ashtanga Yoga that she gained in Mysore. She now teaches studio yoga classes and corporate yoga classes in Dubai. She gives talks and demonstrations at Company events, all of which promote better concentration, communication, and mental well-being in stressful work environments.

Govind Das

Nithya Priyan

Priyan started practicing in 2008 as a complement to his meditation practice. He describes his teaching as using postures to teach postures, masterfully weaving sequences together with the intention of building muscle memory and awakening body intelligence towards a deep understanding of the peak pose. As such his classes and workshops strike a dynamic balance between inner focus and outer proficiency. He has a firm belief in the practice of Yoga being a priceless gift handed down through the ages with its ultimate purpose being to facilitate a realization of the True Self and awakening to a Higher Purpose through the purification of body, mind and spirit.

Govind Das

Chanel Luck

Chanel Luck is the co-creator and director of YogaThree and The Radiant Yoga School in Boston and Sydney, Australia. She also co-founded the not for profit, Yoga For Single Moms and Global Mala Boston. She has been teaching yoga for over a decade to a wide variety of students. Her extensive anatomy background keeps students safe and inspired to learn more about their bodies. She is known for weaving intention with energetic anatomy awareness into her classes to help inspire total body awakening.

Govind Das

Nina Yau

Nina is a certified 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. She began regularly practicing yoga in 2011 as a complement to martial arts. Her deep resonance with yoga led her to complete a teacher training in South India. Nina believes that each of us is filled with unlimited potential and that nothing is lacking, for everything we should ever need or want, we already have within us and around us. Her yoga teachings are a creative blend of philosophy, breath work and focus, and mindful movement to ease the body, lighten the heart, and strengthen the spirit.

Govind Das

Jennifer Goodman

Jennifer was a professional ballet dancer for 16 years, continues to perform freelance dance and is a ballet instructor for teenagers and adults. She is now a certified yoga instructor and teaches a variety of different kinds of yoga, leads special workshops, teacher trainings and retreats. Her heart is drawn to the practices of bhakti yoga, the path of devotion and love – and thus she has begun bringing chanting and kirtan into her yoga teachings. Jennifer brings her dance experience into her classes and uses a creative and fluid approach to combine various styles of yoga to create a balanced and transformational experience for her students.

Govind Das

Pamposh Dhar

A Reiki Master, meditation teacher and Bhagavad Gita expert, Pamposh is the founder of the Terataii Centre in Singapore. She is also a counsellor and coach. She works with adults, children and corporates. After more than 25 years working as a journalist and communication specialist, Pamposh found her calling as a healer, counsellor and mindfulness coach in 2008.
Having found inner peace and stability in her own life, Pamposh does her best to help others find these treasures for themselves. Pamposh has lived in 9 countries on 3 continents. She enjoys experiencing different cultures, but believes that, at their core, people are the same in all societies.

Govind Das

Hanan Faiz Al-Shehri

Hanan Faiz Al-Shehri is a yoga teacher from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She studied nursing and worked as an ER nurse for two years after which she worked in the business world for eight years in various positions. After completing an art of living course, Hanan began practicing yoga through YouTube videos because she found it challenging to find a place to practice in Jeddah. Difficulties in her life led Hanan to take a spontaneous trip to Nepal that was the inspiration she needed to take the leap into becoming a full-fledged yoga teacher. Hanan now runs her own yoga studio in Jeddah – Hoakalei. Her focus is on the journey of her students’, not the destination. In all of her teachings she uses intention setting and awareness. She aims to get her students out of their comfort zone so that they can overcome challenges and realise their potential. Hanan chooses to live her life not logically, but magically.

Govind Das

Kate Malik

Kate Malik is a registered senior yoga teacher at the Ashtak Yoga School in Goa, India. She is Australian and English and has been living in India since 2014, when she moved over to begin Ashtak Yoga School along with Gaurav. Currently also studying psychology at Monash University, Kate is passionate about introducing people to the lifestyle of yoga, energetic connection, meditation. Kate guides students through their yoga training course material supporting students and bridging the gap between the Eastern and Western lens.She is specifically interested in philosophical discussions, self-journeys, trauma-specific yoga, kundalini meditation and healing practices.

Govind Das

Gaurav Malik

Dr. Gaurav Malik is the Lead Yoga Trainer at the Ashtak Yoga School which he runs alongside his wife, Kate Malik. Born in a valley of the Himalayas of India, Gaurav decided at an early age to dedicate his life to the study and sharing yoga. Holding a Masters in Human Consciousness and a PhD in Yoga, Gaurav has taught yoga in many training schools in Goa and Rishikesh between 2004 and 2013. Since 2014, him and his wife, Kate have trained 180 students from 54 countries using his own unique style at the Ashtak Yoga School. Many of his graduate yoga teachers now lead their own classes and retreats all around the world. Students and teachers are often impressed with Gaurav’s in-depth and seemingly never-ending knowledge of yoga in many areas including history, adjustment and alignment, philosophy, Ayurveda, mantras, meditation and of course, pranayama.

Govind Das

Jensen Ong

Jensen picked up yoga in 2007. He is a passionate yoga practitioner who firmly believes that yoga is not performance-based, but a means to listen, connect and dialogue with our body. To him, the yoga mat allows him to turn his awareness inward to confront his ego and fear. He sees yoga as a way of being present in everyday life and bestowing a renewed attitude towards life. In addition to being a certified yoga teacher, Jensen is also a Yoga Therapy Teacher, is trained in Mindfulness Yin Yoga and holds a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine Certification. All of his training and experiences colour his practice and instruction as a Yin Mindfulness Yoga teacher.

Govind Das


Maitreya was born in a small remote village in India, and raised by a spiritual family. As a child, his family brought him to an Indian master to be initiated. He was profoundly moved when he was introduced to meditation at the age of 13 by his father. As a teenager, Maitreya left everything behind in search of the truth. Following his many years spent in ashrams in India, Maitreya travels around the world to where longings of seekers manifest and serving takes place from heart to heart, sharing active and passive meditation inspired by Eastern masters. His teachings are largely influenced by Osho and Sri Ramana Maharashi, as well as other Himalayan masters. He is known for bringing humor, love and insight to his teachings.