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Retreat Packages and Events at BeingSattvaa

We create two kinds of retreat experiences for our guests. One is for groups, where we create bespoke experiences for a retreat leader who comes along with a group, and the other (round-the-year package) is for individuals/couples who prefer a free and easy experience. You need to pre-book both.

Please get in touch with if you would like to be a part of our unique retreat experiences.

Upcoming Retreats

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Best Life Retreat

If you’re ready to come home to your whole best self, through the healing powers of breath and meditation, and build new bonds with other Best Life Seekers, join Subba for the Best Life Retreat in Bali, Indonesia from November 30 to December 04, 2022.

Go on a healing journey through a deep healing session of body and mind and leave feeling inspired, nourished, whole, and fulfilled.

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Chief's Gathering

If you are a CEO looking to simply pause, rest and refresh;

in search of some space to reflect and create the next phase of your CEO journey;

to communicate and converse in a safe territory;

to equip yourself with new tools of self-care and self-growth;

And to develop quality connections with fellow CEOs;

this is it!

Dates: 8 Dec – 11 Dec  2022

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